How Important Are Your Garage Door Springs

How Important Are Your Garage Door Springs

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Electric garage doors do a sterling job at keeping your home safe while offering you additional convenience with regards to how you come and go. But it is not the heavy machinery on these stalwart giants that keep the system together, but rather the small springs that are tucked away in the corners and overlooked that to all the hard work and heavy lifting. Unfortunately, because they are mostly out of sight, springs often don’t get the attention they deserve, which is a dire mistake to make, since they really are the most important component in your system.How Important Are Your Garage Door Springs

What do garage door springs actually do?

Garage door springs literally do the most heavy lifting in your system, even when the device is not in operation. They are constantly working as hard as they can against the weight and stress of the door to keep it properly balanced at all times, and to provide smooth lifting action when it is in use, and to keep it safely supported at all times. There are typically two springs attached to the door, situated differently depending on what kind of system you have.

What kinds of springs are out there?

Essentially there are two types of springs out there, and they differ depending on what kind of door you have. Overhead extension springs are used in overhead doors, situated near the top of it on either side to give it proper balance and support.

Torsion coil trampoline springs are also situated on either side of the door, just a little lower down the tracks. They too should be installed in pairs to keep a constant balance to maintain the door’s smooth operation.

Either type of spring can come in the form of oil tempered ones to give them additional strength. This is often necessary for heavy duty doors, the type that are often found in factories and warehouses. 

How to take care of your springs

Since they are under constant pressure, your springs may need a little attention from time to time. It is an essential part of garage door maintenance to keep an eye on them and check for cracks, rust or stress marks which are a tell-tale sign that they are going to fail soon. When they break it could leave your door off-balance, inoperable or dangerous to use. So it is wise to keep a close eye on them and have them replaced by a professional as soon as you can.

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